Funny For Fido

FUNNY FOR FIDO is an annual stand-up comedy event that brings together the country’s most talented stand-up comedians to raise money for abused and neglected animals.  Justin Silver, Host of Dogs In The City, A well known comedian and animal rescuer combined his love of animals with his passion for comedy to create this annual event. FUNNY FOR FIDO is a non-profit 501c3, all profit goes to independent volunteer based animal rescue organizations.

Buster, Barbs dog, the fluffy, Hatch Mascot, has been part of Justins pack for 8 years.  When Justin had this unique idea to raise funds for our furry friends through comedy Barb and Hatch Creative Studio were on board in seconds and have been been on the Board of Directors and  producing the event for 6 years.  Of all the events Hatch does through out the year this one is extra special.

Feel free to reach out to us at for more information about animal rescue and how you can help our 4 legged friends find forever homes.