A Hatch Holiday

Decorating for the Holidays doesn’t have to be limited to garland, snow globes, and figurines. Whether it’s for your home or for a Holiday party, spice up your decor this year the Hatch way!

First, let’s start with the walls. Lean birch poles against the wall and layer in wintery elements, such as snowflakes and snowballs, to begin the transformation into a winter wonderland.

Wrapping objects in a soft knit fabric can take any ordinary item and make it Holiday appropriate. Wrap different wintery knits around candle holders or use it as wrapping paper for that “Secret Santa” gift.

Try this unique twist on a snow globe – fill various clear bottles with fake snow and hang them from a birch pole. Attach a tag with you and your friend’s favorite skiing mountains to each bottle.

If you are looking for less DIY options, we have some great winter props ready to attend any Holiday party such as vintage snowshoes, silver mercury glass, and a rustic sled!

If you are looking for a custom Holiday floral, we are happy to create whatever you can imagine. Check out our floral snowman – this Frosty won’t melt!

Happy Holiday decorating!

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